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The first Design Exquis had four guest designers. The only way they could communicate were through their creations. They received one brief: that they had to respond to the work of the previous designer.

The four designers who worked on the first Design Exquis are:

#1 Veronika Gombert


Veronika Gombert (24). Originally from Germany, Veronika has studied Industrial Design at Academy of Art and Design, FHNW, in Switzerland, where she graduated in 2011.
Before and during her studies she worked for the furniture manufacturer Vitra and collected experience at the ceramic manufacturer Villeroy&Boch. While studying she also set up her own studio based in Efringen-Kirchen, Germany in 2009 and, between 2009-2010, worked for Jasper Morisson in Paris and London, developing projects for clients such as Alessi, Magis, Muji, Punkt Products, Glass Italia and the Design Museum Copenhagen.
She currently lives in Basel and London working on her own projects as well as being part of the design team at BarberOsgerby, one of London’s most prominent design studios.

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#2 Mikael & Milan Metthey

www.mikaelmetthey.net / www.milanmetthey.com

The two brothers are graduates of the Royal College of Art, London. Mikael currently works for Intel as a user experience designer. He is interested in exploring new ways, sometimes unconventional, of combining science and design, exhibiting at Design and the elastic mind at MoMA in 2006-2007.
After graduating, Milan decided to take a sabbatical to pursue personal projects. Most of his work revolves around the exploration of new ways in which we can interact with other species.

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#3 Bold-design


Bold-design was founded in Paris in 2007 by William Boujon and Julien Benayoun, who met at the Ecole d’Art et de Design of Reims. The design studio specializes in object design/furniture/ scenography and interior design.
William Boujon (30) pays particular attention to the process of transformation of matter. He has worked in studios in Rotterdam (Libertiny) and Paris (Christian Ghion, Tsé-Tsé).
Julien Benayoun (27) has collaborated with Renaud Thiry, 5.5 designers, Carré Noir and Delo Lindo. After graduating, he joined Mathieu Lehanneur’s office as design project manager.
Fascinated by the meaning of things, he likes to focus on the «WHY» while William, at ease with material and manufacturing techniques, masters the «HOW».
Their light project ‘Plume’ has been selected by VIA (Valorisation de l’Innovation dans l’Ameublement) in France.

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#4 breadedEscalope


breadedEscalope Design Studio caused yet another swerve in the exhibition’s narrative, subverting ideas about the connections between people, places and memories. Sascha Mikel, Martin Schnabl and Michael Tatschl examine the role that modern art and design play in our daily experiences and routines, as well as attempting to answer questions about the border between objects of art and objects of utility.
They have recently exhibited at Milan Design Week 2012 and Beijing International Design Triennial 2011.

All the video interviews on Vimeo

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